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Why I Won't Buy a DJI Mavic 2 (either of them)

Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than a group of people all agreeing on something.

DJI released with much fanfare, albeit delayed, the all new Mavic 2 Pro. Everyone gets excited, and then realizes they have released two models. One is the Pro, and the other, the Zoom. Basically - one is more expensive and geared toward prosumer gear, and the other more flexible in having an optical zoom feature. This is the beginning of the problem for me.

The Pro boasts boldly - almost uncomfortably - the Hasselblad moniker. DJI bought the age old company with a proud pure photography history, and has folded in that product knowledge to have as sincere a camera focus, as a flying robot in the sky capability which is their native wheelhouse. Now all of the sudden everyone is a Hasselblad aficionado. If only those people supported their products so enthusiastically before they were forced to sell their brand, I mean technology, to a drone company.

I had an original Mavic - and it was groundbreaking in its time. Foldable, portable, and hardly used in the past year. I went hard with it in the outset - loving how it can be that camera that is with me at all times. My go to drone is an Inspire 2 - it is big - heavy to slog around, and a pain to keep updated and maintained and taken care of and calibrated. The Inspire 2 has terrible firmware updates that always create new issues, and it is generally unstable and will not fly straight or hover perfectly still - despite its 5k price point.

That said - I live and die by the Inspire 2. I will put up with just about any of its shortcomings. Why? One reason - and the same reason why the Mavic 2 is a confused, overpriced offering that I will not get pulled into - interchangeable lenses.

When DJI makes a portable with interchangeable lenses, I will be full mind open.

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