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    Brian Siskind specializes in unique, immersive films, original music soundtracks, and creates authentic content that performs.

    Siskind's films have been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, and in film festivals around the world, and drone work voted "Best Drone Filmmaker" by the Nashville Scene.

    Siskind's music has been heard on Grammy winning records, the electronic music underground, art installations and performances in world renowned fine art venues including the Rothko Chapel and The Frist Art Museum - as well as national ad campaigns for brands including American Express and Adidas.

    "A very original soundscape - It has to me, a seductive quality - I want to hear what's going to happen." - Brian Eno

  • Historic Nashville Inc.

    Historic Nashville Inc.

    "Brian's efforts to document Nashville's endangered historic places with the use of a drone and music is ingenious and aligns perfectly with Historic Nashville's mission. We are so appreciative that Brian creates these stunning videos that show images of historic places that are often overlooked, unknown, and cannot be viewed from the street. The aerial views are important for not only documentation and education, but also for inspiring action and advocacy. Brian's creative work is helping promote and preserve the historic places that make Nashville unique, and for that we are truly grateful."

    Robbie D. Jones - Historic Nashville, Inc.

    Metro Nashville Council

    Metro Nashville council

    "As the Metro Council person for District 20, I've been fortunate enough to be able to utilize Brian's creative drone work to visually document the changes in our community. It has given us a broader perspective on growth with his beautifully produced video series, but also has given our community positive media exposure. His drone coverage has even helped us advocate for getting thousands of trees planted in our district!"

    Mary Carolyn Roberts, Nashville Metro Council

    Jeff Coffin / Dave Matthews Band

    Jeff Coffin

    "LOOK! Up in the sky it's a bird, it's a plane...oh wait, it's one of Those Drones and my friend Brian Siskind doing what he does best - looking at the world from a different perspective. What a beautiful thing to share these awe inspiring videos and pictures. It's inspiring to see the world from a new view!"

    Jeff Coffin, Dave Matthews Band

  • Ambient Droning Ep.1 - Memphis Meditation

    I make ambient drone music and drone video that ponders places, cultures, and people. Space out with a view.

    Ambient Droning Ep.2 - Nashville


    Official Selection / Finalist / Category Winner
    Best Cinematography / Best Documentary Short
    Mindfield Film Festival
    Berlin Flash Film Festival (Germany)
    Blue2Blue Drone Film Festival (Australia)

    Largo Film Awards

    Los Angeles Cinefest

    Sacramento International Film Festival

    Nashville Film Festival
    Grenoble Street Art Festival

    Houston International Film Festival

    Shot entirely with a drone over 17 days in May/June 2017, SCALE is a black and white

    non-narrative documentary short that proposes a quiet meditation on the notion of scale

    and perception - featuring world renowned artist Guido van Helten

    painting a monolith 200 foot tall abandoned grain silo mural in Nashville.

    Film and Music by Brian Siskind





    Guido van Helten mural - Faulkton, South Dakota

    Shot entirely on the DJI Inspire 2


    Finalist Blue2Blue Drone Film Festival Australia


    Drone and soundtrack by Brian Siskind

    Special thanks to the people of Faulkton, South Dakota




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    Those Drones, LLC Creative Drone Works Brian Siskind

    Brian Siskind

    I have 25 years of professional creative work in realms from media production, music production, fine art photography, documentary film, new media, technology, and marketing as a Creative Director.


    My independent film projects are immersed often in abandoned, forgotten places, and endangered historic properties. I also tell the stories of people in relation to place.


    I see endless potential to use drones for artistic and commercial projects that expand perceptions - and for social good. Being a longtime music artist and visual artist, makes for an ideal marriage of the visual with the sonic.


    I constantly wonder - what Mark Rothko would do with a flying camera? - or Franz Kline, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman, Yves Klein, James Turrell, Georgia O'Keeffe, Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, Alfred Stieglitz, or Weegie? This consumes me.

    I live to make things.




  • Pecha Kucha Nashville

    My presentation on drone photography and architecture/civic design at Nashville Pecha Kucha event

    at the Frist Art Museum in partnership with the Civic Design Center.

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    BRIAN SISKIND - NITERÓI, WATER THAT HIDES [limited edition 12"]
    Good Rester / Diamond Age - Persona 22
    Brian Siskind - Live at the Rothko Chapel
    Fognode - Beat Hollow
    19" x 31" framed print - the.cp
    13" x 16" framed print - tear.down
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    23" x 32" framed print - overlay
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    29" framed print - TN State Prison "death.row"
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